Drive by yourself

Drive by yourself


National Highway No. 1  → 
Tainan System Interchange to National Highway No. 8 to Tainan  
→  Turn right to Taijiang Blvd.  
→  Turn left to Beishanwei 3rd Rd.  
→  Keep left on Lu'ermen Blvd./Sicao Blvd. 
→  After passing the Sicao Bridge, turn left to Anbei  Rd.  
→  Turn right to Tongping Rd. 
→  Turn left to Anping Rd.


National Highway No.1 to Rende  
→  Provincial Highway no. 86 to Tainan  
→  Take Provincial  Highway No.17 to Anping  
→  Turn left at Sec. 4 of Minquan Rd.  
→  Turn right at Anbei Rd.  
→  Turn left at Lane 990, Anping Rd. 
→  Turn left at Anping Rd.

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